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All JUICE charging stations benefit from our own specially developed activation system.


Tesla Model 3 wird am Juice Charger 2 geladen


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All charging stations can be activated by all currently available methods: via NFC, RFID, app (smartJUICE), direct payment (payJUICE).

Brand new features: Intelligent number plate recognition for vehicles authorised via smartJUICE. billJUICE can be used for subsequent activation and billing.

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All charging stations can be activated by a range of methods using accessJUICE. In other words, you are not limited to one method and need not feel restricted.

You can control activation from home or en route via the smartJUICE app.

If you would rather use a card, you can also start the activation process via NFC (such as a bank card) or by RFID (contactless activation over longer distances).

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We have included an additional activation function in JUICE CHARGER 2: number plate recognition.

Read more here.

Smart EQ Elektro lädt am Juice Charger 2



Want to know more about our advanced billing system? Just click here for the billJUICE billing system or here for payJUICE.

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