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Have you had enough of tiresome calculations? With billJUICE you can create individual bills for every charging station user.


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Billing system by direct debit via smartJUICE.

You can issue direct bills for users by evaluating the charging data (accessJUICE).

Simple and quick for the bill issuer to process. No need for time-consuming adding up or price juggling.

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If charging stations are used by a range of different people, you can use billJUICE to issue individual bills for each user.

accessJUICE records every user of a given charging station, which means that data can be exported or bills created for each power user with just a few clicks.

Strict security standards. Data is stored on an ultra-secure server in Switzerland.

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Data can be exported in various formats: as a spreadsheet, directly into your management software or as a standard bill on a pdf document or via Juice Technology.

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Invoices can also be generated to display the issuer’s logo or contact details.

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