The charging test kit allows editorial departments and journalists to test e-cars independently, whatever the manufacturer – with the emphasis on neutrality, comparing the results and ensuring that they comply with the latest standards.

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Charging Test Kit

Charging Test Kit von Juice Technology

E-mobility charging test kit for journalists – provided by Juice Technology AG


Move over HP: charging and range are where it’s at! Unlike standard internal combustion engines, testing e-vehicles isn’t just about horsepower, ride comfort, acceleration, maximum speed, interior fittings and value for money. Other aspects also come into play, specifically two features that are extremely important for the end user, but are often not given due consideration: the charging process itself and the available range. In other words, how do I charge my e-car? What adapters can I use? How long will it take? And how safe is the process? What happens if my e-car doesn’t behave as it should or there are problems with the power cable?

To answer these burning questions, Juice Technology AG has put together a free charging test kit, available for use by journalists and editorial departments with immediate effect. This kit can be used to carry out independent tests on all e-cars regardless of manufacturer. Cars can be tested for compliance with the standards and the results compared against other vehicles.

  • JUICE BOOSTER 2: the only fully compliant portable 22 kW charging station for all electric vehicles. The PRO version is available with a Type 1 and Type 2 connector, including an adapter set for use worldwide with all standard household and industrial sockets, and with the JUICE CELCIUS integral temperature sensor in the three-pin plug, plus JUICE CONNECTOR.

  • JUICE PHASER: allows e-cars with single-phase charging to charge twice as fast. Just connect up to a three-phase socket and JUICE BOOSTER 2, then charge your car as usual.

  • JUICE ANALYZER: can be used to set and simulate a range of scenarios. You can also view the communication process that takes place between the car and the charging station during the charging operation on your laptop, offering you an unprecedented insight into what goes on behind the scenes.

Christoph R. Erni, Juice Technology AG’s founder and CEO, is a member of the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), the international standards and conformity assessment organisation, which also includes key representatives of all major car manufacturers, including Mercedes and Porsche. Its aim is to draw up standards and guidelines to ensure that this fast-growing sector is not only transparent, but also, and most importantly, completely safe. We regard it as our role and corporate responsibility to show key individuals with the ability to shape the opinions of others exactly what goes on in the charging process. This is precisely why we are happy to make this kit available, free of charge, to journalists, for the duration of tests on e-vehicles.

What is the point of mobile charging equipment?

  • Extends your charging options

  • Reduces range concerns (by up to 90%, according to a recent survey)

  • Increases use of electric vehicles by reducing the use of cars with combustion engines

  • Flexibility and independence for EV drivers



What makes JUICE BOOSTER 2 different from other mobile charging solutions?

  • It came top in recent ADAC (German Automobile Association) tests on mobile charging stations

  • You can charge your e-car with JUICE BOOSTER 2 any time, at maximum speed, in complete safety, automatically adjusted to the right setting, irrespective of the power connection type

  • Automatic detection of socket input current

  • Automatic temperature monitoring in the three-pin plug

  • 100% compliant with standards IEC 62752 and IEC 61851

  • Waterproof and able to withstand a wheel load in excess of 3 tonnes should you drive over it by mistake


What else does Juice Technology have to offer?

  • Extensive knowledge in all charging matters

  • Expertise in load management and payment systems

  • In-depth understanding of e-mobility and charging infrastructure

  • The Juice promise to editorial teams: whenever you contact the Juice specialists, you can be sure you’ll receive objective, neutral specialist information without any sales or marketing spiel

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Charging Test Kit von Juice Technology