Juice Technology CEO Christoph Erni im Wald

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A carbon-neutral world?

A top quality, durable and sustainable product, sustainably produced? That’s exactly what we want from e-mobility. We are convinced that clean mobility begins with clean charging technology.

Juice Technology Wald

JUICE is planting trees for every product to neutralise the CO2 emitted during production and transport.

Juice Technology CEO Christoph Erni im Wald

We are planting trees for you!

For every product we produce, we will plant the number of trees required to neutralise the product’s carbon emissions. For example, manufacturing a JUICE BOOSTER 2 generates 84 kg of carbon dioxide, including adapters and transport. By planting a tree now, it will absorb around 120 kg of carbon dioxide in its first 10 years.

So, for every JUICE BOOSTER 2 we produce, Juice will plant one tree, although this might be as many as 8 to 12 for each JUICE ULTRA, depending on the model.

Where will we plant them?

We are currently planting our trees in British Columbia in Canada. This plateau was devastated by the Hanceville fire in 2017. The whole area had to be evacuated – meaning that animals, insects, native plants and indigenous trees are now in very short supply.

But why is JUICE, a European company, supporting reforestation in Canada?

There just isn’t enough space for large-scale new forest plantings in Central Europe. And if the aim is to neutralise carbon emissions, it really doesn’t matter where the trees are, as the whole world reaps the benefits of the purified air. We felt it was much more important that the trees are not planted in monoculture plantations with just a few species, but in natural forest areas. The Chilcotin Plateau is the ideal solution.


When you buy one of our products, you will receive a customer certificate showing the precise coordinates of the forest.

More benefits all round

Not only are we supporting reforestation of the Chilcotin Plateau with this project, but also offering a sustainable habitat for animals and insects.


After all, if we are in a position to help make the world a better place, surely we should jump right in and do something about it?

Juice Technology Wald



JUICE’s contributions alone should cover an area the size of 210 football pitches by the end of 2020. The trees will be planted with loving care and sufficiently far apart from one another to allow them to grow to their optimum size.


Thank you for helping to make the world a better place by buying your JUICE product.

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