Juice Booster 2 (ICCB) (ICCPD) Elektrofahrzeug Ladestation






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German Design Award Nominee Juice Booster 2 (ICCB) (ICCPD) 2
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Juice Booster 2 Ladestation für Elektroauto


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Smallest and safest mobile 22 kW charging station (ICCPD).
Compatible with all electric vehicles with type 2 or type 1 charging socket.

Charge from single- to three-phase electric power sources, at charge power levels ranging from 1.4 to 22 kW, with currents up to 32 amps. Under ideal conditions, you can fully recharge within 3 to 4 hours.

IP67 waterproof, drive-over resistant, suitable for use in -30 to +50 degrees, maximum safety in accordance with the latest standards.



Specifications of the Juice Booster 2 (ICCB) (ICCPD)
Specifications of the Juice Booster 2 (ICCB) (ICCPD)

Red LEDs indicate faults. This shows an “RCD” fault.

The green LED shows the charging intensity, which is automatically detected, i.e. 32 amps in this case. You can reduce the power rating (amps) using the Select button.

The orange On light shows that current is flowing and the electric car is being charged.

The yellow LED shows the charging mode. This shows standard mode. You can change mode by pressing the Select button for longer.

German Design Award Winner 2020 Juice Booster 2

JUICE BOOSTER 2 - first mobile 22 kW charging station with TÜV SÜD certification!

Juice Booster 2 E-Auto Ladestation

ADAC Test Winner!

The only mobile charging station with rating "very good".

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Tesla Model 3
Explanation: The Type 2 plug fits in a Type 2 socket as well as in a CCS 2 socket. The CCS plug only fits in a CCS socket.

Typ 2


The CCS plug (Combined Charging System) is made for DC charging electric vehicles.


The upper part of the CCS is always a type 2 plug, which charges alternating current (AC). The Juice Booster 2 has a type 2 plug and can therefore charge over CCS and type 2 vehicle sockets.

CCS? Good to know!


Juice Booster 2 (ICCB) (ICCPD) Adapter

Hassle-free charging worldwide: intelligent current control due to automatic adapter recognition. Eliminates the need for tiresome calculations or manual current adjustments.

These can still be minimised manually however, if desired, using the Select button on the JUICE BOOSTER 2.

Specifications of the Juice Connector (ICCB) (ICCPD)
Juice Booster 2 und der Porsche Taycan


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Drive-over resistant to a wheel load of over 3 tonnes, impact-resistant and dust proof.

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Not only splash-proof in accordance with IP67 but completely water resistant.

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FI-AEV circuit breaker technology is already integrated, thus eliminating the need for an expensive and complicated subsequent installation. Charging stations without FI-AEV protection can be lethal.

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Compatible with all vehicles featuring a type 2 or type 1 connection.

3 in 1

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In addition to being used as a mobile charging station, the JUICE BOOSTER 2 can also be used as a wall box (with wall bracket) or type 2 cable (with type 2 adapter).