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6 meter long type 2 charging cable for up to 32 amps charging power. The identical plugs have been successfully used with the JUICE BOOSTER 2 for many years and have been tested by TÜV Rheinland for standard specifications and safety.


The hard silver-plated contact sleeves withstand tens of thousands of mating cycles more than brass contacts do. In addition, the lamellae within the sleeve are milled in a spiral shape to optimally protect the individual contact springs from bending.


A clamp with two press jaws protects the wiring inside the connectors against tensile stress. This special variant with multiple grooves presses evenly on the cable without cutting into the cable sheathing.






6-metre-long Type-2 charging cable for charging intensities of up to 32 amps. The plugs are of identical design to those successfully used in the JUICE BOOSTER 2 for many years already, which have been tested and proven by TÜV Rheinland to standards and safety requirements.

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The hard-silver-plated contact sheaths can withstand thousands more plugging cycles than any brass contacts. In addition, the spiral-milled ribbing inside the sheaths optimally protects the individual contact springs against bending.


A clamp with two pressing jaws protects the wiring in the plug interior against tensile loading. This special design variant with multiple grooves presses evenly on the cable without cutting into the cable sheathing.

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Explanation: The Type 2 plug fits in a Type 2 socket as well as in a CCS 2 socket. The CCS plug only fits in a CCS socket.

Typ 2


The CCS plug (Combined Charging System) is made for DC charging electric vehicles.


The upper part of the CCS is always a type 2 plug, which charges alternating current (AC). The Juice Booster 2 has a type 2 plug and can therefore charge over CCS and type 2 vehicle sockets.

CCS? Good to know!

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Technical Data


Cable length




Max. rated voltage


Rated frequency


Rated current


Charging capacity


Operating temperature


CE conformity


TÜV testing standards


Protection class



6 Metres


approx. 2.5 kg


max. 480 V AC


50 Hz / 60 Hz


32 A


4.6 —22 kW


- 30 ºC to + 50 ºC


IEC 62196, 61851 (Mode 3), EMV, RoHS


EN 62196-1: 2012-A11-A12
EN 62196-2: 2012-A11-A12, EN 50620


IP20 (unplugged), IP44 (plugged-in),
IP44 (with protective cap)


Type 2 in accordance with IEC 62196


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