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Juice Jet Engine Chip

Processor and Firmware

Adapter Recognition

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Temperature Sensor

Processor and

The JUICE JET Engine is at the heart of the hard and software making up every JUICE charging station. Charging technology designed to operate for the next three years

is based on powerful intelligence.


Juice has developed this core product by bringing together an optimised and powerful processor using intelligent firmware and software with multiple interfaces.

Juice Jet Engine Chip von Juice Technology

The futureproof JUICE JET Engine brings you fast, safe, reliable and networked charging, developed exclusively by Juice Technology.

The JUICE JET Engine makes a world of difference: the perfect solution for today, while remaining open to the challenges of tomorrow. Futureproof charging technology is much more than a stand-alone power switch or semi-intelligent load control with a few little graduations, too few amps in not enough clusters.The JUICE JET Engine combines many unique functions.

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Safe charging
Guaranteed safe charging for all commercially available electric vehicles. Charging e-cars is much more complex than people think.

High power levels, residual currents, short-circuits, overheating, etc. mean that “rocket science” might actually be a very good description of what’s at stake here, purely in terms of safety considerations. This is precisely why the JUICE JET Engine is streets ahead of all other charging stations.

Reliable charging
Optimised to work with the individual charging characteristics

and features of over 100 different e-vehicles. Each vehicle behaves differently, and some don’t even comply fully with the standards. Sometimes they use a slightly different “language” to communicate. The JUICE Jet Engine takes all this in its stride, allowing our customers to always charge their cars hassle-free.

Futureproof investment

Interactive networking and open interfaces guarantee that this is an absolutely future-proof investment. Crude stand-alone stations will soon be a thing of the past. The basic OCPP protocol, now almost a standard in its own right, will not be able to meet the requirements of the future.

As more and more electric vehicles come to the market, it will be even more important to offer fully integrated, fully dynamic charging solutions. The JUICE JET Engine is designed with this in mind: it already covers fully dynamic load management and its clever architecture means that it is geared up for all future extension possibilities, even customer-specific adaptations,

Juice Booster 2 Ladestation Installation bei Galliker mit Lastmanagement

Why not treat yourself to the most advanced charging stations available on the market? Look out for the
“JUICE JET Engine inside” label.