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Don't spend a fortune buying charging stations and infrastructure, when you can lease it instead.



Juice Charger 2 Wallbox für Elektroautos
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Although it makes good sense to fit every single car-park space with an electric power outlet, the cost entailed is immense considering that not every spot currently needs a charging station. 

Yet, while only a few electric cars and plug-in hybrids are in play today, their number could double tomorrow. So, how can you as car park operator pay for only what you need?


With Juice Services, you only lease
the charging stations you need,
and we take care of the rest.

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No investment applications
Expensive initial costs are a thing of the past with JUICE SERVICES. Just lease your charging stations. So no need for investment applications either.

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Perpetual warranty

Endless warranty during the complete rental period. Included free of charge: All-risk insurance against all damages. Charging stations in need of repair will be replaced directly.

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JUICE charging stations are tried and tested throughout the world and work reliably with all e-vehicles. Futureproof software to cover future car updates and potential control requirements imposed by energy suppliers.

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Infinitely scalable load management.
Leading software with infinitely scalable load management Fully dynamic charging control incorporating other consumers in the same building. Charging process prioritisation by app,

transparent back-end services.

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Price package

The higher the percentage of parking spaces you outfit with charging stations, the lower the leasing fee becomes.


The minimum car-park capacity required is 30 parking spaces, of which 10% must be equipped with charging stations. Quoted prices are the monthly fee in CHF or EUR per charging station, excluding VAT.

Complete power supply hook-up to every parking space in the car park


Installing the required charging stations

Supplementary installation of additional charging stations at some later point in time



Unlimited warranty over the entire term of the lease




All-risk insurance cover against all damage



Access free of charge to omni-dynamic load management for optimum power distribution

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Our services


of parking spaces
equipped with charging stations




of parking spaces
equipped with charging stations


of parking spaces
equipped with charging stations


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Already have a wallbox installed?

No problem: JUICE SERVICES buys it back at the fair value or integrates it into the system at cost (provided the station is equipped with adequate intelligence).

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Everything included
JUICE guides you through this important process, shows you the cheapest way and is at your side with extensive experience.

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Custom-fit installation
Our specialists can install the power rail directly on site on request (with dimensions and guarantee of fit).

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24/7 hotline for “worry-free” maintenance subscriptions, for fast service around the clock.

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Product sheet

* Prices in CHF / EUR excl. VAT, prices subject to change.