Juice Ultra DC Schnellladestation Elektroladesäule für den öffentlichen Raum
Juice Ultra Schnellladestation für Elektroautos


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DC charging station with CHAdeMO or CCS2 type adapters.

Elegant, timeless, impressive. The futuristic design is clearly identifiable, even at night, by its orange reflective strip.

Modular upgrades possible up to 300 kW DC charging capacity.



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BMW i3 wird am Juice Ultra geladen


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Futuristic design and perfect functionality, all in the same device: a stepped rectifier and expensive water-cooled cables are no longer required.

Completely waterproof. The housing can even be washed with a pressure washer, with the exception of the charging sockets, vents and display. (IP54)

Available in four different versions: 75 kW, 150 kW, 225 kW or even 300 kW. The efficient rectifier always converts the charging current from AC to DC even faster than the rectifier in your electric car.

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Compatible with all vehicles with a CHAdeMO or CCS2 connector. You can find a list of electric cars that we have tested successfully here.

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Super quick installation thanks to standard fixings, prefabricated base fittings, integral levelling and sturdy quick connectors.

Juice Ultra Schnellladestation für Elektroautos


Juice Ultra Gehäuse
JUICE ULTRA meets all the requirements of worldwide standards.
Juice Ultra DC Ladestation
Sturdy floor fixing mechanisms. Even if you inadvertently drive over JUICE ULTRA, no live wires are exposed.
Drive-over resistant
Juice Ultra DC Ladestation
The current flow only begins when the electric vehicle is connected and the connector is securely attached to the electric vehicle socket.
No direct power contact
Juice Ultra Schnellladestation
The system shuts down if it overheats, guaranteeing safe charging.
Heat monitoring
Juice Ultra Lüftung
The theft-proof assembly system and sturdy housing rule out vandalism.
Juice Ultra Ladestation
JUICE ULTRA can even be washed using a pressure washer, with the exception of the charging sockets, vents and display. (IP54)
Concrete foundation
Rimac Elektroauto wird am Juice Ultra geladen

Technical Data


Alternative versions


Connection power

Power output

Payment and activation




Protection class




Successfully tested

CCS2 or optional CHAdeMO type adapter

Height 2185 mm, depth 643/832 mm, width 398 mm

3x 400 V (+10%)/ 50 Hz (+5%) or 3x 480 V (+10%)/ 60 Hz (5%)

75 kW, 150 kW, 225 kW, 300 kW (depending on the version)

RFID system ISO/IEC 14443A/B. ISO/IEC 15693

GSM-/CDMA modem, 10/100 base T ethernet

via GSM, smartJUICE, smartGrid

EN-61851-23/DIN 70121; ISO 15118


15’’ display, optional touchscreen



rated electricity meter included

optionally available with an individual logo

Jaguar I-PACE, BMW i3, Hyundai Ioniq electric, Opel Ampera-e, VW e-Golf, Ford Focus electric, VW e-up, etc.