in 3 steps to
KfW funding for



1. submit an application

Apply for a grant


Submit your application (PDF, 1 MB, not accessible) directly to KfW. The easiest way is to send an email to: kommune@kfw.de .

Important: Apply for the grant before starting the project. The binding order for the charging station or the conclusion of the delivery and service contract is considered the start of a project. Planning and consulting services do not count as the start of the project.


KfW will check your documents and provide the grant.


2. Your application will be checked


3. Implement and prove the project

Register the charging station with NOW


Now you still have to register the charging station on the online platform "Online reporting charging infrastructure commercial" of the national charging infrastructure control center under the umbrella of NOW.


Submit evidence

After completing your project, but no later than 12 months after the funding approval, you submit the form of proof of use and payment (PDF, 1 MB, not accessible) to KfW.



Once the "Proof of use and payment" form has been successfully checked, the grant will be paid out.