in 3 steps to
KfW funding for



1. Submit an application in the KfW grant portal


Wichtig: Beantrage den Zuschuss vor Beginn des Vorhabens. Als Beginn eines Vorhabens gilt die verbindliche Bestellung der Ladestation beziehungsweise der Abschluss des Lieferungs- und Leistungsvertrags. Planungs- und Beratungsleistungen gelten nicht als Vorhabensbeginn.

1.1 Register


Start the KfW grant portal and click on "Registration for new customers". Then select "Company". Freelance workers can choose “Private Individual”. Now you can register with your personal data. As soon as everything is filled in, you will receive an email with a confirmation link. Click on the link to complete the registration.

Example: E-mail


1.2 Apply

Now click on “Apply for a grant now ” in the KfW grant portal. After submitting the application, the grant amount will be reserved for you.

Make sure that the number of charging points corresponds to your future needs. The number cannot be increased after the application has been submitted in the grant portal. For additional charging points, a further application must be made in the KfW grant portal.


Example: grant application


2. Order the charging station and have it installed

As soon as your grant application has been confirmed, you can order your charging station and commission the installation work.

100% renewable energy available?

Before ordering your charging station, make sure that the electricity required for the charging process comes from 100% renewable energies, e.g. B. from your own photovoltaic system, or a corresponding electricity contract has been concluded.


An identity check is required for the payout. Click on "Apply for payment" in the KfW grant portal. The SCHUFA identity check starts with a click on " Identify now". Alternatively, you can choose between video identification or the Postident procedure from Deutsche Post.

Buy your charging station!


3. Upload evidence

Submission of evidence from the end of February 2022
Submission of the evidence for the grant for charging stations for electric vehicles (441) is expected to be possible from the end of February 2022.
The KfW grant portal or the KfW newsletter will inform you of the exact date.


3.1 Register the charging station with NOW

Now you still have to register the charging station on the online platform "Online reporting charging infrastructure commercial" of the national charging infrastructure control center under the umbrella of NOW.

Upload evidence to the grant portal

In the last step, you confirm in the KfW grant portal that the charging stations are registered on the NOW online platform. To do this, you need the reporting ID from NOW as well as all purchase and installation invoices.

Confirmation of the project

Now you can click on "Apply for payment " under the menu item "My grant applications", specify the manufacturer and model of the charging station and the number of charging points that have been set up.  

Upload invoice

Go to the next step "Invoices" and then on

" Upload first invoice ".

3.2 Summary and Acknowledgment

Now you still have the opportunity to check all details and the uploaded invoices. Is the required number of charging points specified? ATTENTION: It is no longer possible to subsequently change your details (number of charging points!) And to submit further invoices. If all of the information is correct, you can " bindingly submit " the information.


Once the evidence has been successfully checked, you will be informed by email and via the KfW grant portal under the menu item "My grant applications / details" and you will receive a payment confirmation including the date for the payment (usually at the end of the next month).