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Customer Solutions

Juice Engineering is the perfect partner for OEMs, electricity suppliers, property companies and other large power users.

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Juice offers research and development, adaptive solutions and components for the full range of charging technology. Juice’s highly motivated engineering team are leading players in the fields of design, touch technology and quality, to say nothing of user interfaces, reliability and futureproofing.

However, Juice’s main USP is something we can’t even see: software. Juice Technology’s roots are anchored in this software, along with the very future of charging infrastructure.


This is why Juice’s solutions are trailblazers on an international scale, even today.


JUICE hardware and software has been successfully tried and tested throughout the world. Tempted? It only takes a moment to switch to our individual solutions or adaptations.


”Software and interoperability have been priorities for our lead developers throughout this story. We started out as we meant to go on.


That’s what make JUICE quality so special.”

–  Christoph Erni, CEO  –

CAD Konstruktion des Juice Charger 2
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White label products from the JUICE range with your own branding.

Adaptations to smartJUICE load management systems can be integrated in an existing building management and billing solution.

Development of individual components for charging infrastructure.

Housing design to reflect a company’s house style.

Key players in research projects, including with ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Sciences).