Number Plate

Smart number plate recognition is one of the beautifully simple activation methods for charging stations used by clearly defined user groups.

Tesla Model 3
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Automatic, foolproof number plate recognition. The system operates in accordance with data protection law both off-line and locally.

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Easy to manage and authorise via the smartJUICE back-end system.

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The camera view is restricted to the parking space to ensure data protection.

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The charging station is activated when the number plate is recognised and authorised.

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Smart number plate recognition protects charging station owners from freeloaders, as the charging station will only be activated for registered number plates.

Multiple number plates can be registered to any one charging station if there is only one charging station for a number of users.

Number plates can also be activated at more than one station if a company does not have permanently allocated parking spaces, for example.

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billJUICE can be used to offer billing per number plate via calibrated meters.

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