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Fully scalable charging and load management from one to an infinite number of parking spaces.

Fully automatic operation; reliably protects your building’s power supply against overloading, and additional loads or in-house PV systems can also be included.

Can also be used to control power consumption in a car park and protect power supplies from overloading. Includes the option to prioritise individual vehicles.

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Intelligent charging and load management for efficient energy management via an infinite number of JUICE charging stations.


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Real-time monitoring of electricity volumes and the status of connected vehicles. Possible to prioritise charging operations for individual vehicles via smartphone, tablet or PC (even with solar power generated at home).

Hassle-free package with monitored switchbox, remote maintenance, data back-up and continuous updates - all from one system. Extremely easy to install by any domestic electrician; no need for special training Unbeatable value for money.

Allows for individual charging properties of all vehicle types. Over 400 programmed special cases ensure hassle-free charging for each and every vehicle.

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Even if you generate your own power via photovoltaic systems, smartJUICE takes this on board and includes it in the calculations so you don’t miss out.

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Regular trickle charging for long-term parking customers.

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Quickstart Guide
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No matter which components or connection fail(s), your system will still continue to work safely on site.
Emergency functions
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Charging operations are calculated, stored and billed in an ultra-secure Swiss computer centre.
Central data services
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Our standby team can identify faults in your system and take appropriate action - probably before you even notice that anything’s wrong.
Remote maintenance