Jaguar I-Pace wird mit dem Juice Booster 2 geladen

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JUICE BOOSTER 2 and IONIQ 5 – a strong duo

Hyundai is a company that shares Juice’s belief in efficiency, safety and handy suitability for everyday use. It’s no surprise then that Hyundai Switzerland has turned to the Swiss technology company to drive its electrification efforts.


Hyundai’s all-electric models and plug-in hybrids can now be ordered to come equipped with the fitting charging solution from Juice. Not only the portable wallbox JUICE BOOSTER 2 charger, but also the JUICE CHARGER 2 and JUICE PHASER can be procured directly in the configurator or from the accessories page at the Hyundai Switzerland website. That way, e-car drivers are outfitted right from the start with a complete, care-free package enabling long-range driving and fast charging.


The JUICE BOOSTER 2 is to be adorned

with the Mercedes star

Mercedes-Benz Customer Solutions, the after-sales business of Daimler, has added the JUICE BOOSTER 2 to their product range. The world’s top-selling portable wallbox from Juice has won out over competitors’ products in an invitation to tender process.

This white-label charger equipped with three adapter plugs for maximum flexibility is available Europe-wide to all dealerships and end-customers. With minor adaptations perfectly tailored to the needs and wishes of Daimler’s discerning clientele, the JUICE BOOSTER 2 is the first and, to date, only flexible charging system to come in the exclusive Mercedes-Benz look: premium quality to the highest standard – nothing less.



JUICE BOOSTER 2 used in development and production all across Germany

The BMW Group is using the JUICE BOOSTER 2 at all its automotive development and production workshops throughout Germany in a version specially adapted to BMW’s needs. This portable electrical charging device with its exchangeable adapters offers unparalleled flexibility, and has enabled BMW’s production and maintenance units to sustainably retool quickly and economically for electric vehicles. The JUICE BOOSTER 2, manufactured in automotive-certified production plants and certified by the TÜV-SÜD independent inspection organisation, guarantees maximum safety and reliability and the highest quality standards for sensitive production operations.

Tier 1 supplier for Opel / Stellantis

Juice is a tier-one supplier for Stellantis

Juice and OPEL are united by their passion for quality, comfort, convenience, safety, reliability and usefulness on a daily basis. So it’s a perfect fit that Juice has been selected by Stellantis as a tier-one supplier.


OPEL customers who purchase a Corsa-e, Grandland X Hybrid4 or Grandland X Hybrid have the option of ordering the Juice UNIVERSAL CHARGER via OPEL’s on-line Configurator.


The UNIVERSAL CHARGER is based on of the portable 22-kW JUICE BOOSTER 2 – the top-selling charging station worldwide. It offers OPEL customers the finest in technology and design, while also being extremely user-friendly. It is also compatible with all JUICE BOOSTER 2 adapters and add-ons.



Largest Swiss car-sharer relies on JUICE CHARGER 2

Mobility, Switzerland’s biggest car-sharing firm, is switching its entire fleet to all-electric vehicles by 2030. Mobility needs simple, uniform charging infrastructure to ensure a reliable supply of electric power for various models of electric vehicles at its locations throughout Switzerland. JUICE CHARGER 2 charging stations from Juice Technology are helping Mobility expand its capacity to 300 or more charge points by 2023.

This smart AC charging station won Mobility over because it makes charging so simple and convenient for their customers. The high-resolution touch display of the JUICE CHARGER 2 is easy and intuitive to operate. The intelligent, omni-dynamic and limitlessly scalable load management system lets Mobility manage and control charging operations on a central basis. The calibrated electricity meter built into the JUICE CHARGER 2 ensures accurate billing, and equipment activation is enabled via the integrated NFC/RFID reader.


Juice Technology and Rimac Automobili:

Croatian hypercar meets Swiss precision

A revolution in performance car design and engineering, the Rimac C_Two has been created from the ground up as the all-electric luxury GT car of the future. This 1,914-horsepower C_Two can accelerate from zero to almost 100 kilometres per hour in under 2 seconds and hit a top speed of 412 km/h, using battery and motor technology developed

entirely in-house at Rimac Automobili.

“The Rimac C_Two is the culmination of everything I have ever wanted to achieve, showcasing the unique performance potential of all-electric powertrains. One thing we can’t control, however, is the public charging infrastructure, but with the Rimac Portable Charger included, C_Two owners will have a simple, flexible solution available at almost every charging point in the world,” said Mate Rimac, founder and CEO of Rimac Automobili.

Rimac Automobili wird mit dem Portable Charger geladen
Jaguar I-Pace wird mit dem Juice Booster 2 geladen

Jaguar Land Rover

has been putting its trust in Juice for years

As a carmaker and original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) trusts in the charging stations from Juice. This is why JLR has already equipped several hundred JLR service shops and dealerships with the JUICE BOOSTER 2 and JUICE DIRECTOR 2.


Countless end-customers appreciate the flexibility of Juice charging solutions, opting to include a Juice product right with their auto purchase or buying one later.


Switzerland’s biggest haulage contractor uses charging and load management from Juice for vehicle preparation and care

Galliker Car Logistics, part of the international Galliker Group, is contracted by numerous renowned auto brands to take charge of importing, preparing, providing and delivering cars to dealerships. The company’s location in Nebikon, Switzerland processes over 100,000 motor vehicles every year.

As the number of electric vehicles is steadily rising, the firm has now equipped one of its car parks with charging stations, including smartJUICE – the fully automated and dynamic charging and load management system.


Complex algorithms enable smartJUICE to recognise the various makes and models of cars, and thereby consider their specific characteristics during charging.

BMW i8 wird mit dem Juice Booster 2 geladen
Aurora eSled wird mit dem Juice Booster 2 geladen


Finnish electric snowmobiles charge with Juice

The snowmobiles built by the Finnish firm Aurora Powertrain are designed to withstand operating conditions in the Arctic. "High-quality state-of-the-art components and an intelligent heat management system keep the battery at optimum temperature even under the harshest conditions, enabling drivers to get the very last spark out of their batteries,” explains company founder Matti Autioniemi.


When looking for a suitable charging station, only the JUICE BOOSTER 2 met the team’s standards. "Conditions where our vehicles operate are extreme, often pushing conventionally engineered technology quickly beyond its limits. All other chargers either weren’t waterproof or couldn’t withstand the cold. We're so satisfied with the JUICE BOOSTER 2 that we’re now outfitting all of our snowmobiles with one as standard equipment.”

LAAX rocksresort and Stenna Center

Replacing charging stations from
competitors with the JUICE CHARGER 2

In terms of electric cars, LAAX has been one of the most progressive ski resorts in Switzerland right from the start. Yet, the charging stations installed there, sourced from various manufacturers, failed to meet the resort’s high expectations.


They straight away ordered twenty-nine JUICE CHARGER 2 units even before the product had hit the market and promptly replaced all of their charging stations in one fell swoop – even throwing aside the “Destination Charger” specially designed by and for Tesla.


This customer, too, is zealously enthusiastic: the rocks resort is already planning to fit the next car park structure with 15 additional charging stations from Juice.

Ladende Elektroautos im rocksresort in Laax

JUICE BOOSTER 2 is TÜV SÜD certified

Direct supplier for our first major OEM client

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GOOD DESIGN Award 2020

Juice Technology AG wins the GOOD DESIGN Award of the Chicago Athenaeum with the JUICE CHARGER 2.

GOOD DESIGN was founded in Chicago in 1950 by the world-famous architects and designers Eero Saarinen, Charles and Ray Eames and is still one of the oldest and most recognized awards for outstanding design worldwide. This year The Chicago Athenaeum received a record number of applications: there were submissions from more than 3000 designers and companies from over 50 nations. As part of the 70th GOOD DESIGN Award, a renowned jury recognized the best product designs and graphics from Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA. The JUICE CHARGER 2 made by Juice Technology AG was able to assert itself successfully in the international comparison in the "Transportation" category.

German Design Award 2020

With the JUICE BOOSTER 2, Juice Technology
wins the German Design Award!

The German Design Award is the international premium award of the German Design Council. Its aim is to discover, present, and award unique design trends. Every year, awards are presented to top-class entries from the fields of product and communication design.


The German Design Award is one of the most recognised design competitions worldwide and enjoys a high reputation.

Juice Booster 2 German Design Award Winner 2020
Juice Booster 2 mobile Elektroauto Ladestation


ADAC Siegel Juice Booster 2 Testsieger

ADAC test winner!

Juice Technolog is the only mobile charging station with a "very good" rating

ADAC concentrated on the aspects of safety, reliability and operation. In addition, the suitability for mobile use was tested.


ÖAMTC test winner!

Juice Technolog is the only mobile charging station with a "very good" rating

ÖAMTC concentrated on the aspects of safety, reliability and operation. In addition, the suitability for mobile use was tested.


The ÖAMTC has now examined four models with regard to their stationary and mobile use.

Juice Booster 2 Elektroauto Ladestation


ÖAMTC Siegel Juice Booster 2