Temperature Sensor

Our specially developed and patented integral temperature sensor allows you to charge safely using any household socket, providing reliable protection against socket fires and

cable overheating.

Juice Booster 2 Temperatursensor gegen Steckdosenbrand
Juice Booster 2 Stecker mit Temparatursensor


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The JUICE CELSIUS temperature sensor in the adapter detects if the equipment is overheating (e.g. if the socket is

wired incorrectly).

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JUICE CONNECTOR sends the results to JUICE BOOSTER 2.

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If the plug pins overheat, JUICE BOOSTER 2 automatically stops charging in a controlled manner.

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Older household sockets, in particular, may be incorrectly wired or they may not conduct power correctly due to accumulated dirt. E-drivers have no way of knowing that there is a problem, causing their car to overheat quickly, even if they are drawing power correctly. The JUICE CELSIUS adapter provides effective protection against frustrating problems, damage and fire.

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Best possible protection from cable fires and fire damage in the building.

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No additional costs as the set price remains the same despite this additional feature.

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Once the equipment has cooled down, the charging process can continue in a controlled manner.

Tesla Model S wird mit dem Juice Charger 2 geladen


Juice Booster 2 brennend

Integrated with

Juice Booster 2 Elektroauto Ladestation (ICCB) (ICCPD)


Juice Booster 2 Pro Elektroauto Ladestation